NeXus RV Motorhomes

NeXus RV is a leading manufacturer superior quality motor home. A number of top selling RV brands are produced and sold by NeXus. It offers some of the best RVs and motorhomes in every category. From Diesel Pusher Motor homes and Class A Gas Units to Class B+ and Super C Diesel Motor homes - you can fi nd them all under NeXus' brand!

Viper Class B+ gas motor homes are a great choice for customers looking for a compact motor home and prefer to carry a unit that could fit easily into tight areas. This motor home is built without the overhead sleeping area and their aerodynamic design with pre-molded front cap wing and running-boards make it look great and drive super smooth too.
Phantom Class C motor homes has a powerful V10 gas engine and is built on Ford chassis. The solid foundation and steel cage exterior makes it one of the safest unit in the Class C category. The high-ceiling interior provides a comfortable atmosphere. It is the best pick if you are looking for comfort, safety and a great driving experience - all in one!

This Super C Diesel unit is a luxury motor home that offers all features and amenities of a home.It is built on a DuraStar light chassis that makes the drive smooth. The interior of Wraith Super C Diesel is very spacious and is designed for higher level of comfort.
Ghost is a Super C Diesel luxury motor home with a high towing capacity of 20,000 lbs. This Diesel Pusher offers all the benefits of a high-end Luxury motor home. All materials used to design it's interior are top of the line and you can pick from a number of different floor plan arrangement to fit your need.
Maybach is a Class A Motor home that runs on a powerful yet efficient gas engine. It is considered one of the most safe and durable unit you can get for a family trip/vacation. And this motor home offers the best value at a very reasonable price.
Evoque is one of the most affordable Luxury Diesel Pushers available in Edmonton today. It has a powerful machine and all the features of a high-end unit.
Bentley Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome are a strong unit with a state-of-the-art interior. It is made with alloy steel frame built on a Freightliner rail chassis.

The Bentley Diamond is a high-end luxury Diesel Pusher with a top of the line interior and all the accommodations and amenities needed in a luxury motor home. It has added safety and comfort features. The wide, panoramic-windshield offers a scenic view while you enjoy a powerful 360-Cummins-engine drive.